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Guido Sava


David Granha

Galicia, Spain

Oscar Vazquez

Ponferrada, Spain

Matias Larrosa


John Axiom

Galicia, Spain

Amaoh & yjm

Tokyo, Japan


Kiev, Ukraine

Riley Warren

San Diego, USA

Lateral Cut Groove

Sligo, Ireland

Bernie Allen

Vancouver, Canada

Laura Seh

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Diego Iglesias

Galicia, Spain


Galicia, Spain


Madeira, Portugal



Martin Etchegaray

Buenos Aires, Argentina


Gdansk, Poland


Buenos Aires,Argentina

Beat Syndrome Beat Syndrome
Beat Syndrome is a live electronic band with two members, Hamed Safi & Navid Mehr. Their production is a blend of live instruments, synthesizers, controllers and drum machines. They are passionate about music and their sound is not bound by any genres or trends.

After a decade of music making, many releases and live shows they have developed a reputation for delivering quality music in their unique style to their audience.

Their monthly radio show on Digitally Imported Radio is where they showcase their live act and alsogive credit to their fellow artists and musician by doing reedits and remixes of their music.

Recently Hamed and Navid are exploring their musical capabilities by developing their solo projects and working with musicians in various genres.

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David Granha David Granha
Hailing from Galicia, Spain; David Granha is one of the breakthrough name of 2011 for progressive house, as well as the head honcho of Aegyptia Label. Having started his career as a techno producer, in time he has opened his mind to, new trends, more melodic, electronic and contemporary sounds. Which results in his Crisp, dynamic and innovative and ever evolving sound catering to progressive, progressive tech and techno lovers a like.

His passion for the industry led him to study as sound technician, which has helped greatly to improve and understand the concept of his compositions. David's production can be better described as Dynamic and energetic, always full of life, creating warm atmosphere for tech house lover.

He has released his productions in various labels, such as: Sudbeat, Neurotraxx Deluxe, Parquet, Aenaria, Starlight, etc. His worked was been played and supported by renowned artist such as: Nick Warren, Hernan Cattaneo, Dave Seaman, Umek, Jody Wisternoff, Eelke Kleijn, Nic Fanciulli, Cid Inc and many others.

"Nowdays" won Hernan Cattaneo's remix contest for Sudbeat, the remix contest of Cora Novoa for Natura Sonoris, and was finalist of the Derek Howell and Danny Tenaglia's remix contest.

2010 was an amazing year for him, and in 2011 he was featured on several labels such as: Liquid Groove, Baroque, Natura Sonoris, Outside The Box, Particles, Replug, Lowbit, Stripped, Movement, Lowbattery and many others.

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Guido Sava Guido Sava
Guido Sava Co-Founder of Liquid Inc. Guido is the Director of Liquid Studios, Co-Director of Liquid South America division as well as Director of New Recruits & Projects for Liquid Grooves.

Starting his DJ career in 2006 he quickly rises as one of the next leading dj's on the Argentina's scene. After playing different clubs in Buenos Aires, has acquired a weight of his own. He is now getting a huge recognition from a great number of progressive house fans along Argentina and the whole world as a producer, either individually or together as a duo Sava & Larrosa with partner and long time friend Matias Larrosa.

Guido's Style can be described as dark-progressive sound, mixed with tech and house blends that caracterizes him. With releases on labels as Mestiza Records, DeepSession Recordings, Balkan Connection, and Atlant Digital among others he receives support DJ's of Such as Martin Garcia, Guille Quero, Frangellico, Neftali Blasko, Pedro Puentes, Nicholas Van Orton, Darin Epsilon, Michael and Levan, Mariano Favre, Diego Mongelos and Fernando Ferreyra, just to name a few. He was invited to play in well known radios and clubs from Argentina and the whole world.

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Matias Larrosa Matias Larrosa
Matias Larrosa, born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, is one fo the Seven Founders of Liquid Inc, Recruitment Manager for Liquid Grooves, and Director of Operations Liquid Southam. Influenced at a very young age by electronic music, he grew listening to artist such as Frankie Knuckles and like Depeche Mode   New Order.

It was not until the beginning of the year 2000 that he ventures into music as a turntablist up until he made the transitions to CD Decks in 2005. It was here Matias sees himself venturing into Progressive House, searching for his unique dark sounds which characterizes him. Blending Tech House, House, Deep   Dark Progressive House all in one unique and incredible style.

Currently Matias has embarked in another venture in his career by producing his own music showcasing his incredible talent as a producer as well. Receiving support from the likes of Nicholas Van Orton, Martin Garcia, Nicolas Coronel, Michael   Levan, Chloe Harris, Andy Newland, Gerardo Boscarino, Marcelo Vasami, Ezequiel Marotte, Hyline, Miss Nine, Frangellico and from such Labels as Balkan Connection, Balkan Southamerica, Mestiza Records, Dark Pleasure Records, Atlant Digital, Sanctum Records, Jetlag Digital.

With regular guest mixes and residencies in prominent net radio stations friskyRadio, Danceradioglobal, Odu.FM, Pure.FM, djvibes, Insomnia FM proves Matias presence in the music industry is a strong one.

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OscarVazquez Oscar Vazquez
Born in Ponferrada, Spain, is one of those mixers of progressive house and techno that always transport you through his sets, displaying a lot of energy, both in its sets as in his productions. Oscar grew listening and admiringelectronic music the 80's and 90's, following the music of Snap, Ace Of Base, Chimo Bayo, Vangelis, Depeche Mode, Daft Punk, Technotronic, Pet Shop Boys and Underworld, among others. All starts at the age of 17, after attending several events hardtrance. That was when his interest step from just listening to electronic music to really take part in the exciting world of music, a fact that motivates him to buy his first Decks and mixer and so self-study and learn the art of DJ. Over the next four years he devoted to perfecting their craft by engaging in the local scene. Soon decides to take a pause to consider their true musical style and what sounds should be identified, your call is techno. In early 2000, Oscar wins a residency at the legendary club R2, where he finds a new appreciation for minimalist sounds and other sounds prevailing at that time. 2002 was an important year for Oscar, is in this year that he began to produce, this is where he finds his true passion: making music. His production sounds, which blend techno and progressive house, have captivated the interest of several different artists and labels, and can be described as the new breed of sound and production. The last 2 years has been a resident of one of the most innovative clubs in northern Spain, La Vaca club, and has participated in several clubs and festivals in northern Spain, like the Fresh Weekend, Up Festival No Limit Festival, Magosto Up Parade, Sweet (Gijón) Wipporwill (Oviedo), Nucleo (Orense) Escada (Valladolid) between other. It has also been a collaborator in various sections of radios such as Proton, Frisky, Pure FM, Audiothek ... Between his work as producer in which it has been shaping an increasingly progressive side. His works are being played and charted by artists from around the world.

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Z.Robot Z.Robot
Dolzhenko Evgenij a.k.a. Z.Robot hails from Russia and at the age of eighteen is the youngest member yet from the Sang Novi group of DJ/Producer from the Liquid Inc imprint.

Z.Robot is his fresh new project that arose in 2009 and already is growing steadily. Already his hard work is paying off with the release of his Debut EP "The Love Symphony" as well as many remixes line up such as "Soarsweep-September (Z.Robot remix)" under Elliptical Recordings & "W.O.R.M-Moonwalk (Z.Robot remix)" under Ora Recordings.

Currently he is a member of the Sang Novi Project by the label Liquid Grooves, which is dedicated to release tracks from up and coming artist with tremendous talent and potential.

Keep an eye out for this youngster, which definitely will be delivering us with many more exquisite & mesmerizing music.
Laura Seh Laura Seh
Having been born in Buenos Aires, Laura Seh grew up listening to bands like Depeche Mode, and some years later she began to be interested in the electronic sound. In 2005, she decides to begin to play and begins to learn to play music in Sonica. With some teachers like Romayn and Hernan Paredes she learned to mix music and how to use effects in live performances, as well as to choose music for her gigs. Under the influence of artists like Hernan Cattaneo, Sasha, John Digweed and others, she decided to create her own style, varying between House and Progressive House with Tech sounds.

Starting to play in private parties organized by friends and some places like JACKOS CLUB, FRERE and others in Buenos Aires, in 2006 with her second mixture, Laura Seh obtained a place among the best 30 new djs of Argentina in the competition DJ MIX 2006. In 2007 she was present in SAMC (South American Music Conference). She was also invited to several local and International radios. But that was not all, and following her career she decided to begin producing her own tracks with tools such as Reason and Ableton Live, and in November was invited by MINT to play in the warmup with Billie Ray Martin at the anniversary celebration.

Trying to make something different, the blond girl started the year 2008 with a new project with her friend Dj RoMix, releasing their first dj set as FeMMes on DecKs. Their live performances are special for being a back to back between 2 girls, with different musical styles during the show: from tech house to progressive/techno, adding a great variety of sounds and loops from a Mac with Ableton Live. In continuous evolution and with a female instinct, they use the best of the techno advances in their performances but with a different fashion touch.

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Solunamanalia Solunamanalia
Solunamanalia is DJ / Producer Duo formed by hermanos talentos, "Takuma" and "Lyoma aka Syaraku" from Japan in October 2010. They are well know as DJs can spin extreamlly extensive genres of music as from JPLS on M_nus to Ramus Faber on Farplane and compile quality stuff with their seamless mixing make people feel the stream, flow and tales of sounds in the set. Given so much compliments by DJ Leon... Roberts and new techno-supernova-Glimpse and some more amazing djs and producers.

This upcoming duo certainly have skills to make music extensively. Since the first release have been released on Grouper Recordings, Solunamanalia has had numberless feedbacks from great djs and artists worldwide (Dana Bergquist, Jody Wisternoff, Sebastian Davidson, Claes Rosen and Luca Ricci etc... ) Solunamanalia have already worked with some famous labels (Dutchie Music, Aenaria Recordings, Liquid Grooves, friskyRecords and more) and highly reputed by over 90 countries DJs, active in the forefront of the scene. Futhermore, Solunamanalia have been getting together with some upcoming label all over the world.

In 2010 they started Dj-mix podcast radio named "Por Nada Radio". It is featuring truly good dance music from House to Techno to Nu Disco to Minimal. This podcast is listened worldwide, Japan to Macedonia. Many people can't wait to hear out the next episode.

Solunamanalia Tvardovsky
Yet another inovative, unique and very talented addition to constant evolving and growing family of Liquid Inc is how we can best describe Ukrainian producer Svatoslav Tvardovsky a.k.a Tvardovsky.

He began his musical career when his desire to create high quality and positive music, became an obsession with connecting his passion for techno music with the people spending the weekends on the dance floors of his hometown of Kiev. His huge efforts did not go unnoticed, and within a year his music was not only well known in the local clubs of Kiev, but also in many points abroad.

His original tracks have been remixed by established techno producers like Roman Getz, Kim Kayden, Key900, Mitaka, Aquilions, and appeared on established labels such as Physical Gravity Recordings, Semantica Recordings, GetHigh Music, Sex Panda Records, Liquid Music, Entrainment Records, Moon Tribal Records, and Highlands Music. All of them were happy to work with this young producer.

His diverse sound involves techno, house, and progressive styles, and until now he has created nearly twenty tracks and an equal amount of remixes, to which Tvardovsky says "this is only the beginning."

It was only fitting we embrace rising star with open doors... This is one artist worth out watching for!

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amaoh_yjm Amaoh & yjm
Takayuki Hirata and Yuki Matsuoka a.k.a Amaoh & yjm from Tokyo, Japan are part of the second wave of Sang Novi Member for the Liquid Groove imprint.

Though their musical background ranges from various other backgrounds, this Progressive House/Tech house duo effectively hybrid their major influences. Amaoh (Takayuki) begins his career in 2000 experimenting with drum & bass and Electronica, while Yjm (Yuki) concentrates on being a guitarist and producer for bands ranging from Funk & Reggae bands.

Uniting in 2005 under the project S.F.C. they focus on Drum & Bass, Dubstep, and Electronica. Their live performances consisted of a peculiar method, having Amaoh laying the beats with Ableton Live & Reaktor, while yjm effectively incorporating his delicate and dynamic guitar sounds.

It was not until 2009 they are influenced by and studied under "Converge+ (DJ ENDO & Takashi Sasaki)" where they reinvent themselves and start venturing in performing as well as producing under the moniker "Amaoh & yjm."

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Mo' Funk Mo' Funk
Goran Juric a.k.a. Mo' Funk was born in 1984 and lives in Croatia in a town on the beautiful Adriatic coast. He showed interest for electronic music from his early age, listening to all sorts of genres.

In 2002 techno scene in his region started to get big and he was amazed when he first heard tracks from Valentino Kanzyani, Umek, Bryan Zentz, Oxia, Danilo Vigorito and many more producers like them. The style was driving and also pumping funky techno with house influences. Enjoying this kind of music on parties as much as at home, he started to work on his own productions.

He first experimented with techno, but after he gained some experience, his music started to get more progressive with a house feel to it. Nowadays his style could be described as a strong and percussive progressive house with funky moments.

In 2010 he started to release tracks on labels as Balkan Connection, Liquid Grooves, Avangardia and Aquasound.His music already got support by some major names on the progressive scene like Eelke Kleijn, Jerome Isma-Ae, Francesco Pico, Nick Stoynoff and Cid Inc, just to name a few.

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Riley Warren Riley Warren
Riley Warren is a DJ who prides herself in being open to many genres of electronic music. Since beginning her career in San Diego, she has refined her ear by blending several sounds and not relying on any one particular style. In doing this Riley Warren has created her own unique musical technique, one she constantly manipulates and develops. Her style has landed her on the dj booth of some of the most renowned clubs in North America and Mexico, and playing alongside some of the world's most talented djs.

Her love for music and her dedication to being unique in her style is what drives her to be a step ahead of the rest. While perfecting her DJ skills, Riley also began her career in music production. Her music is seamless and intriguing, influenced by an array of artists she grew up listening to. Most recently, Riley Warren took her career one step further by starting a dance music label called Zero Digital, dedicated to giving up-and-coming artists a platform to release their music to the world, without the restrictions or limitations experienced with large labels. Riley Warren is leading the way for female djs, pushing the envelope of electronic music while also creating new and exciting tracks for not only the club, but those times when you want to just chill out and listen to music. You will find that Riley's musical range is anywhere from techno to ambient, progressive to minimal, but fine tuned into a set that will blow you away.

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Lateral Cut Groove Lateral Cut Groove
John has been Djing since he was 16 years of age. While still at school he held down his first residency at Propaganda in Sligo City playing alongside top UK and European DJs. From this he built up the necessary DJing skills and style to enter the Irish Mixing Championship back in 2000, which he won. To add to this achievement he also won two more competitions that same year. He also set up his own club night with his brother called Chunk-A-Funk in Letterkenny which ran for over five years. As well as this he played regularly at big club nights such as Shine in Belfast, Lush in Portrush, Tripod in Dublin and Deep Fried Funk in Derry. His interest in music found him furthering his education and pursuing an houours degree in Music Technology at Leeds Met University in England which greatly enhanced his engineering and production skills. Working with bands and DJs while at university led to his involvement in putting on the 'Leeds Met Live' event in 2008 which he also performed at. Since then he has been working hard on improving his own sounds, compositions and techniques while also teaching Music Technology and Production to his students at his very own studio (The Vault). As a producer he has already hit the headlines with his music been featured in mixes and charts including Jeff Mills, Darren Emmerson, Carl Cox, Hernan Cattaneo, Dave Seaman, Jerome Sydenham, Joel Mull, Pan Pot, Mario Fischetti & Silvio Conchon to name but a few. His track 'Little San' which was released on Peter Presta's Digital Jaxx label went down a storm in the summer 2008, been played everywhere from Ibiza to Buenos Aires and was also featured on Hernan Cattaneo's 'Sequential' radio show. His DJ sets have been features on numerous radio stations around the which have led him to setting up his very own podcast. The unique 'Deeper Sides' show goes out once a month which expresses his wide range in electronic music, mixing a veriety of tastes ranging from deep soulful house through to uplifting techno. As a DJ his sound is truly his own. His style which could be described as a selection of deep chunky dirty tech house is enough to get anyones head bopping so if you haven't already experienced this exciting new producer, Now is the time.

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Bernie Allen Bernie Allen
Bernie Allen is a trained Audio Engineer and producer out of Vancouver Canada. His work has been signed with a number of electronic music's top labels and featured on releases which have enjoyed support from many of the industry's biggest names.

In addition, his tracks have been featured in and supported by broadcasts on most major EDM radio (IbizaGlobalRadio, DanceRadioGlobal, KissFM (ua), Proton, FriskyRadio, NocturnalRadio and Pure FM, to name just a few), making Bernie a producer to look out for.

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Diego Iglesias Diego Iglesias
Born in Galicia, Spain, Diego started using computers as music tools at the young age of 15, taking advantage of rapidly-evolving industry. His music is influenced by a wide range of music styles: Deep House, Ambient, Techno, Progressive House, Rock, NuMetal, Psycheledic and Progressive Rock. Diego combines all these elements through electronic rhythms and melodies, making a compilation of his musical diversity.

His tracks have been released on several prominent labels such as Lowbit, Aegyptia Recordings, Subtract Music, Cobalt Recordings, Special Recordings, Aenaria Records, Triple Recordings, Fruit Machine and more. He now works on Aegyptia Recordings, which is owned by his friend David Granha, where together they release top quality tracks. His tracks have full support by artists ranging from Henry Saiz, Solarity, Hernan Cattaneo and all the way to Cid Inc, Steve Lawler, Luke Porter, Manuel Sofia and many more.

Besides being a music producer and a DJ, Diego also works as a web developer. He created, a website that organizes and compiles the best electronic music remix contests, getting top labels and producers promoted and brings the opportunity to producers all over the world to work with musicians and win fantastic prizes from sponsors.

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AGM&Quintrix AGM&Quintrix
Antonio Gómez and Diego Quintián are the names of the artists behind the AGM&Quintrix project. The fusion of different sounds and influences of both, ranging from acid to techno, and including progressive house, deep, and tech-house, are able to mix and become a sound that is focused on the dance floor and which groove has made people dance in almost all electronic nightclubs from Galicia. They have taken their live performances to clubs such as Morocco, Bambina, Bauhaus, Fanzine, Olagreen, Pause&Play, and Medulio, to name a few, as well as to different festivals such as Freshweekend, Brincadeira, Elviñasona, Malpica, and Ullatech. Since 2011, they are the resident DJs of the emblematic parties from DClap and Go Events held at the Tressor club in Coruña. Without doubt, 2011 was the year of AGM&Quintrix. Together with Jesús Blanco, they are the directors of Triple Recordings, a record label focused on Galician artists. They also collaborate with many national and international record labels like Outpost and Liquid Grooves, to name a few, as well as with the main Galician labels such as Aegyptia and Nulable, among others. Collaborating with all these labels has given them the opportunity to produce remixes for renowned artist such as Funk D'void, after wining his remix contest, and David Granha. Their productions have received from Hernan Cattaneo, Gabriel Ananda, Funk d´void, Martin Garcia, Jerome Isma-Ae, Sander Kleinenberg, Dave Seaman, Markus Schulz, Anthony Pappa, Max Cooper, Manuel Sofia, David Granha, Diego iglesias, Gai Barone, Pete Mccarthe and many more. Along with producer Oscar López and the radio announcer from "frecuencia de baile", Jas, they founded the Galician Association of Electronic music (Asociación Electrónica Gallega), dedicated to promote Galician artist using the web.

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Li-Polymer Li-Polymer
Fabio Pereira is Li-Polymer, a producer/dj from Madeira island that has been gaining a place in the international production of electronic music.

He's genre is directed to deep house, with strong tendencies to progressive house. Dedicated to the art of musical construction for several years, started to release his first release by the german Plusquam Division and has been signing contracts with other label's such as the acclaimed Balkan Connection (Proton Radio's family) and Liquid Grooves, two international electronic music and recognized for all the fans of the music industry, and such more independent label's. It is also important to note that the production work of Li-Polymer has been recognized by several renowned foreign dj's and producers such as Ricky Ryan, Laurent Garnier, Roger Sanchez, Dubfire and many more.

Who wants to follow the newest work's can be seen on, the most respected online electronic music in the world and many more stores.

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John Axiom John Axiom
Jonathan Miguez Vazquez, better knows as John Axiom, was born is the small Galician City of Ourense. After many years of playing the guitar in the pop-rock style, John decided to get completely involved with the electronic music world. He began playing as a DJ in local clubs, influenced by the techno sounds from UK. Given his youth and good work, his sets grow to be very popular and after a few months he becomes the resident DJ of one of the most important clubs of his hometown, La Skina. After many years as resident, he began to take his music to the most important nightclubs and festivals of Spain. A few years later he began producing his own music, breaking away completely from the sounds of his DJ sets. Deeper sounds, reminiscent of the trance of previous times, marked his first productions. His first maxi comes from the hand of Triple records where he released his first track, Centurion, which goes to the top of the label's sales in a few weeks. A little later came his first EP, El Tornillo, a reflection point in his career, as this EP became popular among the best of the genre like Henry Saiz, Paul Nazca or Dosem among others. In this work, he collaborated with one of the largest producers of the moment, the head of the label Regular, Iñaqui Marin, who made a remix of the original track. The EP also included a remix from his friend David Granha. His upcoming collaborations with his friend Oscar Vazquez (released in Liquid Grooves, My Little Catt) carried good praise from the critics of the scene, being played by artists such as Dave Seaman, Gabriel Ananda and Chloe Harris. After several years of friendship and after various collaborations, John joins his friend David Granha, owner of Ageyptia recordings, where John would take his next references. Particularly noteworthy is the The theory of Fudu EP, remixed by another of the figures emerging from the Spanish scene, Miguel Arrieta. The most played track, is the one John and David edited in the label of Henry Saiz (Natura Sonoris), "Inside" is within the summer compilation 2011. Many hours of work made his new project come to light as a Live set. John and David began to play in this format for several Spanish clubs. Their live performances became so popular that soon claimed the attention of the best festivals and clubs in Spain, Portugal and even Argentina, country which has witnessed his last two performances, Bahreim Club (Buenos Aires) and Clubsound (Mendoza), selling out in both occasions.

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Martin Etchegaray Martin Etchegaray
Martin was born in Mercedes, Buenos Aires, Argentina in 1985. He grew under influence of rock and late 90's house music. It was later, during his adolescence years when he begun to show a growing interest in electronic music, giving his DJ career a definite start. During that period, his main influences were Hernan Cattaneo, John Digweed, Sasha, Nick Warren, Guy J, Henry Siaz, Cid Inc, Eelke Kleijn, Nicholas Van Orton and Sound Process.
Martin obtained a place in the 5 best DJ's in the DJ Mix 2008 contest of the association of dj's of Argentina ( earning a place in the finals.
In that same year, Martin redirected his career to electronic music production, innovating with particular and unique sounds, going from deep house to techno, without losing progressive house's essence.
In 2010, his first tracks are edited in Progrezo Records and DeepSessions receiving excellent reviews from his colleagues.
His tracks are supported by top djs and producers around the world such as Hernan Cattaneo, Nick Warren, Eelke Kleijn, Cid Inc, Moonbeam, Darin Epsilon, Dibby Dougherty, dPen, Marcelo Vasami and Manuel Sofia, to name a few.
For this year we will find Martin doing several new jobs in Armada music, Replug, Proton Music, Particles, Stripped Muzik, Per-Vurt Records, Liquid Grooves, Light Digital, Balkan Connection, Dark Pleasure Recording, Balkan Connectin South America, Stereo Paradise Records and Mistique Music.

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Tuxedo Tuxedo
Tuxedo was born in Gdansk (Poland in 1984). Involved in music from the beginning as most part of his family were musicians. Inspired a lot by chamber and classical music which he had to listen very often becouse of his mother - professional violin player. As a teen learned to play guitar and piano.
From 2005 regularly performs as a dj. His sets focused on deep and progressive house were consecutively gaining a lot of positive response and gave him opportunity to play in many good clubs as well as being a guest on various radio shows.
He loves atmospheric, groovy and slightly hypnotic vibes. Main thing he search for in any kind of music is harmony and drifting emotions that can effect on listener, his current mood and induce to keep single composition in his mind for a long time.
In 2009 his tracks were officially released for the first time under Atlant Digital and Balkan Connection labels. Following releases were the result of cooperation with many other labels, such as Particles, Stellar Fountain, Mestiza, Mistique, Progrezo, Tanzbar, Elektrotribe, Sentence and Passion Fruit. From the beginning of 2012 focused on Electronic Tree project existing under Proton Music family which is growing up under his thoughtful manage. Support and positive response on his tracks from more and less known worldwide dj's is the best reward and motivation to work hard on production skills.
Biggest inspirations these days for Tuxedo are persons such as Hernan Cattaneo, Pig & Dan, Ryan Davis, Robert Babicz, Jimpster, The Timewriter, Deepfunk, LoQuai and Juan Deminicis to mention just a few. His dreams about future is to release his own vinyl record, to become constantly better in producing electronic music in various genres and to perform live as often as possible, sharing his true passion which is also the greatest adventure of his entire life.

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Frangellico Frangellico
Julian Farina Balbi was born on November 15, 1980 in the city of La Plata – Buenos Aires – Argentina. His interest in music started at the young age of 12 when he start taking classes at the Stetic Art School of La Plata. While beginning to taste the art of music through piano and guitar lessons, he studied classical music and its pioneers in depth. He considers this genre as being one of his most important influences into keeping his mind into music. During his teenage years, his music taste expanded to include rock and punk rock, listening to bands such as Ramones, Suicidal Tendencies, NOFX, Off Spring and Bad Religión. It wasn't until on 1999 when he was exposed to electronic music, beats and synths in a Prodigy concert. Since then, his passion has been completely towards dance music. In 2002 he start listening to various Dj´s who have strongly influenced his present style such as Moshic, John Digweed, Hernan Cattaneo and Martin Garcia. By that time he was pretty much hooked to Progressive and Deep House, which of course has remained his favorite style. In 2005 he made his first steps into music production, by focusing on generating emotional atmospheres and feelings with a deep dark underground sound. Nowadays, he had support from big names such as Martin Garcia, Moshic, Dj Tarkan, Naveen G, Guillermo Quero and Deep Mariano, just to name a few, and has become a reference in deep progressive. Today he is working in the studio with new tracks and remixes; with new sounds and melodies which for sure will keep thrilling even the most demanding deep progressive fans.