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Liquid Grooves is the first of three dynamic Electronic Music Label by Liquid Media based in the sunny Locations of Miami (USA) & Aruba (Dutch Caribbean.)
Liquid Grooves or LQD Grooves is a Progressive House Flag Ship devoted to searching, signing, developing and promoting producers whose passion instills pushing the envelope by producing cutting edge, innovative and intelligent music, essential characteristics found in all great artists in the EDM Industry.
Already with some of the most talented and fast rising artist of the industry signed to the label, it promises to be a solid contributor to the Electronic & Dance Music Industry...
Liquid Grooves will constantly continue to explore, challenge and push the boundaries of this ever growing and evolving genre while keeping up with the highest standards in quality set forth by the industry.
  • Beat Syndrome - Ulmo (Original MIx)...
  • Bernie Allen - Lost In Space (A.G.M! & Quintrix Remix)...
  • Diego Iglesias - Step Back (Original Mix)...
  • Lateral Cut Groove - Electric Feet (Original Mix)...
  • Li-Polymer - Shadows (Alessandro Diga' Bang In Het Donker' Mix)...
  • Martin Etchegaray & Sebastian Lah - Oscillate (Oscar Vazquez Relaxed Mix)...
  • Nicolas Agudelo - Tender Summer (Original Mix)...
  • Oliver Morgenroth - Late summer (David Granha Remix)...
  • Phunktastike - Serenata (Guido Sava's 'Without A Struggle' Remix)...
  • Techi - The Wind-Up Bird (Anton Stellz' Winded Remix)...


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LQDG0130   Marcelo Paladini - Expired Remixes
Genre: Prog-House,
Release Date: Mar 04 2014


1 Marcelo Paladini - Benja Arrives (Dmitry Molosh Remix)
2 Marcelo Paladini - Expired (Uvo's Timeless Remix)
3 Marcelo Paladini - The Best Trip (AMAN Re-Interpretation)

Supports by (No Particular Order) Hernan Cattaneo, GRaham Gold, East Cafe, Ioan Gamboa, Seb Dhajje, Jody Westernoff, Graziano Raffa, Dynamic Illusion, Luis Bondio, Ivan Nikusev, Sasha Lemonnier, Markus Schultz, James Warren, Oscar Vazquez, dPen, Antrim, Marcelo Vasami, MiraculuM, Monojoke, Stas Drive, Michael & Levan, Dale Middleton and many many more. For Complete List, click here.

Mastering: Liquid Studios
Cover Art: Liquid Designs
A&R: Marcelo Paladini
  Release Info:

Marcelo paladin is one of the artist who most intrigued us when we first heard of him and since he has been a regular on our imprint with already a number of remixes under his belt. It was his official debut release ‘Expired’ which gave a deep sense of what this young Argentine is all about. With a successful debut release we went ahead and commissioned him to direct the follow up to his debut in this remix release ‘Expired Remixes’

Marcelo taking careful consideration of his original production, went ahead an recruited three magnificent producers whom in their own right are making quite the ripples in the vast ocean that is the progressive house and progressive tech scene.

First remixing Benja Arrives we find non other then Dmitry Molosh. A sublime rendition with an intricate layering of melodies both Dark and Mesmerizing in nature, are the central focus of this progressive rendition as only this talented Belarusian powerhouse can deliver.

Following is Mexican national UVO, whom has taken up the progressive scene by storm in 2013, now he find his way to Liquid Grooves with a groovy, forward marching progressive tech version of Expired, with a impeccable arrangement of percussion and melodic elements sprinkled with the proper amount of time based effect to give it its depth and mood.

Finally we have non other then the Aman, a name that needs no introduction to those who are connoisseurs of progressive house, whom delights us with a mesmerizing and hypnotic version of ‘The Best Trip’ with a magnificent airy soundscape, tension building and well layered arrangement showcasing this Indian producers dominance of embracing and entrancing melodies.


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